Our Story and Commitment

Specialized in perfumery and cosmetics for more than ten years we now produce in France.

Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Feminine Beauty Care Products


We dedicate our made in France beauty care inventions, creativity and design to women of all ages.  As we blend our different but quality products to fit her style, we make sure our affordable prices suit the purse of every woman. We have picked delightful, perfect and durable feminine scents in our mélange leaving ladies feeling fresh and fabulous all day long. 


Our Products are Safe, Effective and comply with EU perfume and cosmetic regulations


Parfum D’Elites ingredients are selected with great precision and comply with the EU perfume and cosmetic conventions. Our simple formulas, required by the EU regulations, undergo various diagnostic tests mainly for their effectiveness, tolerance, toxicity and stability.

Parfum D’Elites ingredients and end products are not tested on animals and are paraben free. Our product description and ingredients can be found on every product page.